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The right project management tool costs money.

But the wrong choice costs more money!


On you get information about project management tools and software. Our claim is independence and quality:

  • Comprehensive reviews of various tools
  • Questions and answers about project management software
  • Top experts who will help you
  • Testimonials on how project management software was implemented

Not 1000 tools without overview, but the most important tools properly analyzed and tested!

This offer is particularly aimed at small and medium-sized companies.

But project management tools are also of interest to the self-employed, founders and departments of large companies.

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Especially interesting for agencies. The project management tool awork now offers a 10% discount on the first year.
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How do individual project management tools compare? You can read this in these articles

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Popular Software Reviews

You want to gain insight into a specific tool. In the review category you can read detailed and independent reviews of various tools.

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Tips and questions

Background information, who offers you consulting and how expensive project management tools actually are. You can find this under tips and questions

What are project management tools?

Project management tools are used in companies, agencies and by self-employed people to better plan and organize tasks. A distinction is made between

Project management tool for project planning
The classic project planning
  • classic tools for project planning,
  • modern “agile” tools for task management,
  • fully comprehensive collaboration tools that can map an entire enterprise structure,
  • and simple task lists according to the ToDo principle.
Project Management Tool with Kanban Board
Visualization of agile methods like with the Kanban Board

Today, for good reason, there are only a few companies that work exclusively with mail and Excel. Good project management tools ensure that projects run faster and more effectively and that all team members are well informed.

A more detailed introduction to project management software with advantages and disadvantages can be found here.

What can project management tools do and which ones are available?

Important features of a project management tool

The field of project management is very large and there are currently an extremely large number of tools. In a short overview you can see the most important features of a project management tool – of course depending on your project management methods:

Some tools limit themselves to very specific sub-areas, such as MeisterTask to task management. Other manufacturers try to build a software for all areas, e.g. Wrike.

You can read a detailed description and analysis of the most important features here.

How much do project management tools cost?

The cost of a tool depends directly on several factors:

  • Range of functions
  • Users
  • Contractual commitment
  • and indirectly, of course, from the quality.

Free products

However, many manufacturers also offer free freemium versions for entry-level users with few users or limited functionality.

Favorable solutions

The cheapest providers are around 5-10€ per user and month for a simple project management tool with task management and a simple timeline.

Solid project management tools

If you invest 15€-25€ per user per month, you usually get more features. For example, time tracking or comprehensive project planning with Gantt Chart are still included.

High quality or more comprehensive tools

In the range from 25€ upwards, project management tools start to make a claim as a comprehensive solution. With these tools, you can often map all of your company’s projects and plan and overview the portfolio.

A detailed overview of the costs for project management software and how much it costs to use it in an example can be found here.

What do you have to pay attention to when introducing new software?

Choosing a new project management tool is not witchcraft. But you should consider certain things when choosing. And, unfortunately, the number of these things is not so small.

Implementing a tool inevitably leads to internal effort and a learning curve for everyone involved. If you then realize after a few projects that various functions are not as desired or even the data storage does not comply with the European legal basis, you have a problem.

How can they proceed with the selection?

Due to the confusing situation on the project management software market, it makes sense in some cases to commission an external selection consultancy. Especially for larger companies, this is always the first choice when a new software is to be deployed. The software is often to be used as a new standard in the company/group and one does not want to afford a misstep.

If you prefer to make up your own mind, you need to inform yourself. What is the current market and what are potential solutions?

You can get a lot of opinions through search engines, blog articles, and manufacturer sites, and put in just as many hours of work. Do it yourself, it will be expensive, because you have to invest a lot of time. If an intern or a student assistant does this, the quality may be questionable. collects exactly this information and provides high quality tests and information for you.

Guide to choosing a project management tool

To make your work easier, a 7-step selection guidehas been created on

  1. What is the starting point?
  2. Who is the user and what features should the software have?
  3. Specific requirements and restrictions
  4. The long list
  5. The short list
  6. Testing
  7. Obtain quotes and decide

You can find the detailed description of each of the above steps here.

Are you looking for external help with software selection or implementation after all?

You have already selected a tool and are in testing? Now expert advice can help set up and train your team. Expert help and consulting services for most of the featured tools on are presented in a series of articles on the top experts for software consulting.

The series of articles on the top experts for software consulting

Tools tested on


Asana offers a low-cost entry point. In addition to solid task management, gamification elements bring fun into everyday life. You can find out about data protection in the Asana Review.


awork was developed in Hamburg and relies on data storage with German locations. With resource planning and good time tracking, the tool is well suited for agencies. In the awork Review you can read what can cause problems in international projects.

By the way:
10% discount with code PMTOOLS10


Actually, this tool is intended as a complementary documentation tool, wiki or just for storing logs. You can read how to plan projects as well in the Confluence Review.


The only tool with support for a work breakdown structure. In the test, the software for medium-sized businesses shows that you can cover many functions in project management with a lean solution. Read the detailed Review for factro.

InLoox now!

InLoox has become known as a solution for project management with Outlook. The tool, which focuses on classic project management, has a cloud-based product in its portfolio, InLoox now! What the powerful tool can do in addition to the combination with Outlook, you will learn in the InLoox Review.


Whether as a simple task management software with Kanban board or with timeline and resource planning – MeisterTask can be used in small as well as large companies. You can start with free basic version. The associated mindmapping tool simplifies idea generation. In the MeisterTask Reviewyou can read all about data protection and the most important functions of the company from the Alps.

A solid task management that can map business processes well in addition to projects. Project planning with milestones is not the strong point, but with the focus on team collaboration, does a good job. More details in review.

MS Project for the web

Many project managers know MS Project as a complex tool for classic project planning. With MS Project for the web, Microsoft has set up a very intuitive solution for the starting project manager. Read about how the tool covers the most important functions and remains clearly arranged in the MS Project for the web Review.


Stackfield offers a tool that focuses on communication within the company and project. The combination with a solid task management enables the use in project management. The strengths lie in data protection and security; there are weaknesses in the area of project planning. The Stackfield test is available here.


One of the market leaders in task management with a focus on Kanban visualization. With the purchase into the Atlassian universe, more integrations are available for Trello in particular. The software shows strengths in intuitive operation and weaknesses in data protection if you value server locations in the EU. The Trello Review shows why the basic version in particular is suitable for young companies.


Are you looking for a comprehensive project management tool? Wrike offers good classic project planning, task management with Kanban visualizations and project controlling. Portfolio planning and resource planning are also included. You can read how much it costs in the Wrike Review.

Project Management Software News

On current news about different tools are presented regularly. This involves new functions, modified payment plans or even adjustments within the company itself.

Go directly to the news here.

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