GDPR compliant with data storage in Germany? – News March 2021

Also in March there is news of selected project management tools. We stay in the cloud software space and ask these questions:

  • Is there a new feature in the project management software?
  • Have small adjustments been made?
  • Are there any changes at the manufacturing company?

March 2021 PM Tools News and Trends

Asana offers more security with 2-factor authentication

Security in particular is an important issue with increased home office use. So Asana strengthens the possibilities with a 2-factor authentication.Otherwise, there are minor updates for March, such as templates for creating tasks. This helps especially when certain tasks have to be done recurrently (more).

One particularly discussed feature is portfolios, which have been around since 2018. These can now be nested within each other, so that you can now set up a portfolio with projects and again smaller portfolios. This makes the work in the organization easier especially for several levels (more)

awork with single sign-on for enterprise customers

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The latest feature is only available for Enterprise customers. With a classicsingle sign-on via a central provider, you only need to log in once. To date, awork has relied on the following identity providers (more):

Otherwise, awork brings minor updates from project views to a new time unit selection in time tracking, new shortcuts, and connectivity to private Slack channels. With the Email-to-Task function you get access to a feature that can be found in more and more tools and can offer significant added value (more).

Confluence with modern link integration

If you want a quick linkset in Confluence, you can now do this via normal paste over a selected text (more). In addition, the Global Permission Management has been slightly revised (more)

A smartlink is an inclusion of content, provided that supported websites are behind the links. With Confluence, significantly more links and thus websites or platforms are now supported. For example, you can link a Miro board and see content from the board directly. An excerpt from further integrations (more):

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Loom
  • Amazon Docs
  • Calendly
  • LinkedIn
  • Overflow
  • Twitter
  • Medium
  • Spotify

For March, factro doesn’t rest easy, but doesn’t offer any new features either. In return, there are continuous optimizations that make the software more rounded. Look forward to a clearer Gantt Chart, the expansion of all groups and improved links between tasks in the project (more).

InLoox without customizations

InLoox has no major updates.

MeisterTask with new reporting function

MeisterTask* once again offers a major update with the report function. After a beta phase, user feedback was implemented where possible and now the new release is live. New features in the reporting function are the following (more):

  • Filtering and grouping by the task receiver
  • Project selection in the project filter
  • Report storage
  • Reports export
  • More filters in the task overview
  • Migration of statistics and reports GDPR compliant with data storage in Germany really wants to know now and offers another region for data storage. For many German and European companies, was previously not suitable due to data storage and DSGVO requirements. With the new storage in Frankfurt within an AWS data center, even Software Ag now says that the Enterprise Plan meets its own requirements and compliance regulations (more).

In addition, promises to attract new customers in the enterprise sector with a change in strategy to become a work platform for companies (more)

Other features are easily lost in such announcements. Nevertheless, here is a brief overview:

  • hidden columns in the table and drag&drop of subtasks (more)
  • Lead integration via Facebook Ads, improved Adobe Creative Cloud and also Excel integrations (more)

MS Project for the Web without major innovations

But there will be an event in March, where the future of project management with Microsoft will be presented (more).

Stackfield without updates

There are no new features at Stackfield.

Todoist with new news page

Hardly in our news, Todoist directly publishes a nice page where you can find all the innovations. There is nothing for March so far, but in February Todoist had still enabled duplication of projects and improved accessibility (more).

Trello with new views from timeline to dashboard

Trello offers a complete retread and reinvents itself as a project management tool. From now on Trello offers not only the usual Kanban Board, but much more different views, which can facilitate the work of a project manager and the team (more)

  • Timeline for the representation of tasks in the form of a simple “Gantt Chart”.
  • Table for overview like in a backlog
  • Dashboard to keep the project under control with key figures
  • Calendar to better view deadlines and due dates
  • Kanban as a classic Trello view for good team collaboration

Wrike acquisition completed

Once again, company news here as well. The acquisition by Citrix has been completed(more).

Otherwise, there are the usual minor updates at Wrike*:

  • Minor updates for surveys and booking overviews (more/more).
  • New versions of the apps for desktop, iOS and Android (more).

Conclusion Project Management Software News March 2021

The world of PM tools continues to be exciting. For the German and European market, the* again have the most important news. If is GDPR compliant, you can build a good stand in Europe.

Otherwise, Trello and MeisterTask* show that certain tools that relied more on Kanban boards now also offer other elements of project management software. Even if some things are still missing, at least the views are already there.

Have you noticed any other news from the industry?

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