.mpp-Datei Import for MS Project for the Web – News Januar 2021

Also in January there is news of selected project management tools. Thereby the time period changes slightly. From now on, the aggregated innovations of the previous month will be presented until about the publication date of the article. We stay in the cloud software space and ask these questions:

  • Is there a new feature in the project management software?
  • Have small adjustments been made?
  • Are there any changes at the manufacturing company?

January 2021 PM Tools News and Trends

  • Asana offers Teams, Zoom and Slack integrations for collaboration
  • Awork brings the target project budget into the tool
  • Microsoft enables import of .mpp files into Project for the Web
Project Management Software News and Trends

Asana with integrations for distributed teams

Finally, Asana also offers more ways to bring distributed teams together (more). You can achieve better collaboration by connecting withZoom, Teams, or Slack. There is also an integration for the still existing server version of Jira.

In the latest release notes, you will find some minor updates regarding mass processing of tasksor new shortcuts such as Tab+V or Tab+B. (mehr).

awork with new TARGET project budget

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After Alpaca follows Baboon update (more).

  • You can now set a target budget for your project and see the effort and time incurred later in comparison (target/actual comparison).
  • Instead of mentioning only one person by @, whole teams can be notified by @.
  • Projects can be grouped for a better overview.

Confluence with fast page reload

  • Confluence is already a comprehensive cloud application. This time, therefore, the focus is on improving performance. Page reload after editing has been improved (more).

factro without updates

factro did not release any major updates in December.

InLoox without Updates

InLoox did not release any major updates in December.

MeisterTask without Updates

MeisterTask continues to give itself a rest on feature updates while also in the process of releasing its in-house brainstorming software, MindMister. Here you can register for the beta of the latest update (more).

monday.com offers small customizations

monday.com with the smaller updates (more)

  • The behavior of the Workspaces button has been improved: this now always takes you to the last board viewed.
  • Custom automation templates can now be easily deleted without affecting any automation created from them.
  • Groups with dependencies can be duplicated.

MS Project for the Web with import of .mpp files

  • Attachments in tasks and quick information: You can attach files to tasks and see more information via Quick Look (more).
  • Import of MS Project files (.mpp extension): The transition from your desktop version to the cloud is now faster (more).

Stackfield with review and outlook

There are no new products at Stackfield but a look back at 2020 and a look ahead to the new year (more).

By the way:
In this interview series, you will find further retrospectives on the year 2020 from various German PM software manufacturers.

Trello without news

No news from Atlassian on Trello.

Wrike offers continuous updates

There are roughly 20 minor updates to December 2020 in the weekly release notes. The most important ones at a glance:

  • In automation, there is now a new trigger that takes effect for user-defined fields (more).
  • Duplication of subtasks is especially good for repeated tasks of the same type (more).
  • In the Analyze function there is now an AI-driven forecast function. For example, you can calculate the probable amount of new tasks. (more).
  • You can now editcustom fieldscollectively via the settings (more).

Conclusion Project Management Software News January 2021

In December 2020, there were few developments in project management tools. Some vendors improve their applications with continuous updates, others focus on the longer winter break.

For users should be especially the Microsoft change of MS Project for the Web – the import of MS Project files in the format .mpp

Have you noticed any other news from the industry?

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