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Welcome to! Thank you for your interest in this site and the team behind it. Here I introduce the platform.

Why for project management software information?

On you will find everything about project management software, individual tools, integrations of online services as well as general information about project management.

Your main advantages at are

  • Independence of the platform,
  • the high-quality reviews and
  • the free availability of the information.

Each project management software presented is tested personally and actively. Each review is intended to provide anobjective overview of the tool in question.

At the beginning focuses on “Software as a Service”also called cloud software. helps you to choose a project management software. = Project Management Software Information = Project Management Software Information

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My name is Eike Venzmer. I have been actively working with project management tools since 2012. I started with simple tools like OneNote and to-do lists to support my PhD work. When I started my career as a junior consultant in IT and later as an IT project manager and chief product owner, the tools also changed.

But whether it’s SharePoint, MS Project or task management with Atlassian tools JIRA or Trello, it’s increasingly about project support and collaboration between people in teams.

I myself enjoy exploring and analyzing software and creating a valuable information base with good reviews. In the articles and posts I put a lot of emphasis on a good structure and overview. A special focus also lies in the independence of this platform.

By the way:
Task management software, as used in agile methods, and tools for classic project planning, Gantt charts and milestone plans, are of particular interest to me. There is always tension between the two areas. And ultimately, you need both in today’s projects.

The most important contents for newcomers to the topic of project management software

All content in one overview with MindMeister

MindMeister is a brainstorming software from MeisterLabs, who also developed MeisterTask as a task management software.

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