Asana with compliance, Wrike expands payment plans and soon to go public?

Also in May there is news of selected project management tools. We stay in the cloud software space and ask these questions:

  • Is there a new feature in the project management software?
  • Have small adjustments been made?
  • Are there any changes at the manufacturing company?

PM Tools News and Trends on May 2021

It offers a quiet month without many updates. There are a few, however, that we don’t want to hide from you:

Asana with ISO 27001 certification

This news should please some companies and increase the trust of Asana* in more regulated industries as well. Asana has obtainedISO 27001 certification. The certificate was issued on 19.03.2021 and can be viewed here.

Outside of the organizational area, there are 3 product innovations that should be mentioned here:

  • New languages
    from now on translations in traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch and Polish are available (more).
  • User Management
    Deactivated users can be assigned to other team members when they leave the company (e.g. regarding open tasks, more).
  • Zendesk Integration
    There is now also a Zendesk integration for better collaboration with the CRM division (more).

The Deming cycle addresses continuous improvement. This is exactly what awork does and introduces many smaller updates with the current Dino release. We like three of them:

  • Multiple selection of tasks for mass processing
  • Comments of a person are grouped in a speech bubble, if they follow each other in a short period of time
  • Direct contact to awork developers is now possible via the awork project page in Github.

Confluence for internal blogs?

Confluence has long been used as an internal wiki. But what might be particularly interesting for some entrepreneurs in the company is the new blog function. With just one click you can turn your site into a blog (more).

Fittingly, there is also the new function of a planned publication of contributions. This allows you to release your pages even at inconvenient times, e.g. if you always want to publish at the same time or in other time zones (more).

There are no updates through factro on May.

InLoox with special anniversary price

InLoox offers a 20% discount for the 20th anniversary of the company’s existence. Those who decide quickly can still take advantage of this. The promotional period runs until 31.05.2021 (more).

MeisterTask without innovations

No updates for MeisterTask*. – online acclaim and stock market with IPO?

ERumors are circulating that wants to go public and Goldman is preparing an IPO (m o re). We remain curious.

What’s often missing from an online meeting, presentation, or after a good brainstorming session when the majority have the microphone on mute? The applause! With a new “Clapper chrome* wants to change this and spends many different possibilities to show the mood in the meeting (more).

MS Project for the Web without Updates

No updates for MS Project for the Web.

Stackfield without updates

For a long time it was quiet about Stackfield* and potential new products. We have asked and will give you the answer soon.

Todoist extends free features

New customers are often acquired in the freemium sector by using an application free of charge. In the case of Todoist*, you can now access an extended range of functions without having to pay. Previously blocked features like filters, file upload and comments are available without a Todoist Pro plan (Todoist Premium). (more)

Trello with tips and tricks

No product news but tips on how to use your Trello board even better. This is interesting especially after the last updates, because many new views had been added (more).

Wrike Professional for up to 200 users

Wrike* Professional is now available for up to 200 users instead of only 15 as before. This opens up another market for Wrike and makes it interesting for medium-sized companies looking for a good project management solution and enterprise collaboration software (more).

Conclusion Project Management Software News May 2021

Compliance is an increasingly important factor in cloud software. Asana is moving in the right direction here with ISO27001 certification.

Changes in payment plans enable new lines of business. Both Todoist with the redefinition of the Pro Plan and Wrike* with Professional for up to 200 user terms have this.

Have you noticed any other news from the industry?

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